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October 31 2017

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Kto opanował szarość zwykłego dnia jest bohaterem.
— F. Dostojewski
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Beware! ZOMBIES!

We carved pumpkins and put them on the porch, but that's the extent of our Halloween decorations this year.  We usually do a lot more to celebrate the holiday, but this year it just didn't seem to happen.  

I come out of floral retirement in the fall to do two events for a client, and the first is happening tomorrow. It's huge, and I'll be working in the basement arranging flowers instead of passing out candy to our trick-or-treats this year.  I think if the party wasn't happening I would have felt a little more inspired to hang some bats and spider webs.  

We've had lots of fun over the years getting into the Halloween spirit with kittens and the big cats. If you click HERE you can find all sorts of spooky posts to entertain you today.

Have a fun day, everyone. Keep your kitties safe.  And, of course, beware of ZOMBIES.


OH, and because I'm knee-deep in flowers, I'll be posting pretty light on Instagram. If you care to follow my floral adventues, you can visit my personal Instagram page HERE.

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Tanya Mityushina

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I take great care of myself by carefully shutting myself away.

Vincent Van Gogh (Letter from Vincent Van Gogh to Theo Van Gogh)

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh

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Kristina Makarova

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Bill Skarsgård in Atomic Blonde (2017), dir. by David Leitch.

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Wiem, jak to jest, kiedy ktoś odjeżdża. Tydzień piekła, potem przez tydzień przykro, potem zaczyna się zapominać, potem wydaje się, że to się nigdy nie zdarzyło, że zdarzyło się komuś innemu i człowiek wzrusza ramionami. I mówi sobie, takie jest życie, tak już musi być. Mówi same głupie rzeczy. Jakby czegoś na zawsze nie utracił.
— John Fowles - "Mag"
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Troels Jepsen

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Niektóre rzeczy powinniśmy zakończyć, kiedy zepsuły się pierwszy raz.
— takie trafne
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